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Mi Mär 5 20:39:24 CET 2014

Liebe KollegInnnen,

wer sich näher mit der Thematik beschäftigen will, der/dem empfehle ich die Stellungnahme des Dachverbandes der Europäischen Bibliotheken EBLIDA:

In its response, EBLIDA calls most particularly for:
·         reinstating a true balance of rights between the exclusive rights of the rightholders and other fundamental rights;
·         full exploitation of digital opportunities to be supported by a progressive and flexible approach to copyright rules at EU level ;
·         an updated copyright framework to secure libraries’ public missions;
·         a legislative solution to clarify that every utilization of content made by libraries and cultural institutions for their public-interest mission are allowed, no matter the medium of the transmission;
·         Greater  harmonisation of the legal framework  for sharing content across EU member states;
·         All exceptions to be made mandatory for all EU countries, especially those for research and education, public-mission institutions, and disability, because they protect fundamental rights;
·         Ensuring that contracts cannot override limitations and exceptions to copyright;
·         “right to e-lend” for libraries to give the library users a “right to e-read”;
·         Improving users’ rights;
·         an adaptation of the Public Lending Right to apply to the digital lending (e-lending) of copyright works ensuring that authors and creators are rewarded for the use of their works;
·         The current 70 years after death terms of protection in Europe to be reduced to life plus 50 years for copyrighted works as is in the Berne Convention.
The extended response is attached and available for download from the EBLIDA website:
[Tiny url : ]

Ohne Lobbying-Aktionen werden die in der Stellungnahme vorgeschlagenen Veränderungen nicht umgesetzt werden, deshalb startet EBLIDA gemeinsam mit den nationalen Bibliotheksverbänden/Bibliotheken die Kampagne "The right to e-read", siehe dazu:

Bitte beteiligen Sie sich daran!!!

Liebe Grüße

Gerald Leitner,
Geschäftsführer des BVÖ

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